We create the intelligent handling systems and deliver products that efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively move, press, shape and form metal in robotic (Tandem), Crossbar, Tri-axis and hot forming press applications. Find out more


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Grippers and Shovels

Heavy duty and configurable end effectors with the highest grip force and fastest actuation time.

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Modular Tooling

Modular tooling designed for flexibility during changeover, but rigidity during material transfer.

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Sensors specifically designed for sheet metal fabrication to prevent equipment failure or downtime.

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Full vacuum cup, venturi and accessories for end of arm tooling (EOAT) applications.

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We are the intelligent handlers that move parts through space to make your metal stamping operations world-class.


Automation and Tooling Services

We offer eight different service options to design the integrated tooling system that will optimize your press productivity and efficiency.

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Die Engineering

We offer a full spectrum of die services, from processing to die design and feasibility studies.

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Custom Projects

Custom equipment can be designed to bridge gaps between operations to amend press processes for new parts or to reuse old tooling equipment in new applications or plants.

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Carbon Fiber Services

We offer services analyzing the deflection, vibration and stress of the carbon fiber structure.

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Our expertise in tri-axis, crossbar and tandem press line material handling is unparalleled.


Tri-Axis Transfer Press

Three axes of movement - clamp, lift and pitch - transfer a blank through a series of dies, creating a finished part.

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Crossbar Transfer Press

One bar across each station of a die where tooling is on top of the part transfers blanks across a series of dies.

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Tandem Transfer Press

We provide an integrated tooling design that optimizes and stabilizes panel lift and transfer from front of line to end of line of your tandem press.

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Hot Metal Press

With the increasing growth of hot stamping to produce high strength parts, we have developed a special set of grippers and tooling system that work very well in these high temperature environments.

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