Digital Publications

Digital Publications

We have a wide selection of digital publications that focus on our quality products and services. Each can be viewed online, downloaded and printed.


Auto In-plant Products and Capabilities

Intelligent handling in the Press Room

Automation brochure

Find out how NAS optimizes processes to maximize productivity and quality.

Product Reference List

Reference List for Auto In-plant Products


Featherweight Catalog

View our latest selection of featherweight solutions.

Nut Sensor Catalog

Our sensors save scrap and lost time for sheet metal fabricators.

Tool changer catalog

Our range of tool changers deliver faster line speeds, higher throughput and reduced labor requirements.

PGS11 Catalog

Unrivalled performance, built to last.

PGS10 Catalog

Best gripping force, fastest actuation time, compact size.


Our range of products for crossbar and tandem automated tooling gives users multiple options for maximum suction, working in confined areas and quick release for faster line speeds.

Vacuum Cups

Our range of products to optimize sheet metal material transfer.

Case Studies

DBA Case Study

Increasing performance of double blank analyzer (DBA) systems.

Hot metal Case study

Hot forming gripper meets challenge of extreme operating environments.

Stud thread sensor case study

Scrap, sorting and rework problems solved by unique new stud thread sensor.

Nut sensor case study

Detector for nuts, threads reduces scrap.

New Products

DBA with EtherNet I/P Connectivity Coming soon

Double blank analyzer (DBA) with EtherNet I/P Connectivity.


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