We create the intelligent handling systems and deliver products that efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively move, press, shape and form metal in robotic (Tandem), Crossbar, Tri-axis and hot forming press applications.

Efficient and productive press operation begins with the seamless integration of part motion, die structure and finger tooling.

We offer a multi-step system that coordinates process, die, and finger designs to optimize efficiency and throughput.

Grippers and Shovels

Heavy duty and configurable end effectors with the highest grip force and fastest actuation time.

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Sensors specifically designed for sheet metal fabrication to prevent equipment failure or downtime.

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Modular Tooling

Modular tooling designed for flexibility during changeover, but rigidity during material transfer.

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Carbon Fiber Structures

Carbon fiber bars, rails and booms for faster line speeds and longer life.

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Tool Changers

Tool changers make changeover seamless to accommodate high production levels and mix.

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Full vacuum cup, venturi and accessories for end of arm tooling (EOAT) applications.

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