Grippers & Shovels

Heavy duty and configurable end effectors with the highest grip force and fastest actuation time.

GC Grippers

GC3 and GC4 clamps are ideal for use in body and assembly due to its closed body to protect from weld sparks.

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PGS10 & PGS11 Grippers

Dubbed the "perfect gripper system", the PGS10 and PGS11 deliver up to 450lb of grip force in a compact size.

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PGS20 & PGS42 Grippers

These big brother grippers are made with a larger bore for higher grip forces (up to 900lb) or a deeper throat

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PGS Hot Metal Grippers

Hot metal stamping require end effectors that can withstand up to 900˚C temperatures with optional sensors.

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Reconfigurable Kits

Kits to modify your gripper for a new job or production line, or to restore your well-used gripper like new.

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