Sensors specifically designed for sheet metal fabrication to prevent equipment failure or downtime.

Double Blank Analyzer System (DBA)

Protect expensive die and stamping machinery with advanced detection of double blanks loaded by the Destacker.

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Nut and Thread Detection Sensor

Nut Sensors use inductive proximity detection technology to verify the presence of a welded nut in sheet metal parts.

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Stud and Thread Detection Sensor

Stud Sensors are engineered to detect the quality of threads so that you'll never again send welded parts with a faulty stud through assembly.

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Die and Part Probes

Detect transfer or release of sheet metal against end stops with part probes built with LED to communicate on/off status of sensor.

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Gripper & Shovel Sensors

With a simple push button calibration, the gripper sensors are easy to set-up, extremely durable and reliable.

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