Marvelous Machines

While our cutting-edge components minimize start-up time and maximize strokes-per-minute, our automation design services continually advance press line technology – all to help keep these marvelous machines moving reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Tool Changers

We offer several core ranges of tool changers and adapters including Easy Load; ideal for top mounted structures and Link Rail Receivers and Adapters (LRR/LRA); ideal for front mounted structures.

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Double Blank Analyzer

Our double blank detection sensors prevent damage to dies and presses by detecting multiple blanks during the load sequence.

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Grippers & Shovels

The PGS range of grippers delivers class-leading grip force and actuation time. They feature a hardened steel chassis that ensures durability and long service life.

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Our line of vacuum accessories for crossbar and tandem automated tooling gives users multiple options for maximum suction, working in confined areas and quick release for faster line speeds.

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Carbon Fiber Structures

Carbon fiber bars, rails and booms are lighter and stronger than steel, for faster line speeds and longer life. They are also chemical resistant, moldable and repairable.

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Thread, Nut & Stud Detection

Missing or damaged studs and nuts can mean thousands of dollars lost in scrap and time spent hand sorting. Our inductive sensors are a technological leap forward, with the widest detection range and the sturdiest construction in the industry.

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Modular Tooling & Tool Changers

Tight spaces, odd angles, changing presses and products – your pressroom needs tooling that can adapt to any situation with a wide range of motion and faster speeds for overall increased capacity.

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Material Handling in Industrial Applications

IMI Precision’s material handling group introduces modular tooling and mounting structures systems to incorporate easy, durable and lightweight position mounting solutions for all applications.

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