Material Handling in Industrial Applications

Material Handling in Industrial Applications

IMI Precision’s material handling group introduces modular tooling and mounting structures systems to incorporate easy, durable and lightweight position mounting solutions for all applications.

IMI Norgren tooling systems allow user friendly integration of vision to assembly, material handling, material detection and welding applications across all industries.

IMI Norgren Vision Kit Single (NVKS)
  • Mount - 2 positions
  • Height - 150mm
  • Horizontal Reach - 100mm
  • Camera Rotation - 360°
  • Price - $430
IMI Norgren Vision Kit Double (NVKD)
  • Mount - 1 position
  • Height - 500mm
  • Horizontal Reach - 250mm
  • Camera Rotation - 360°
  • Price - $750
IMI Norgren Cobot Carbon Fiber Tool (NCCFT)
    • Internal venutri
    • Adjust on the fly!
    • Durable Carbon Fiber Solution
    • Quick tool change
IMI Norgren Cobot Featherweight Tool (NCFT)
  • Modular offering
  • Readjust by loosening 1 bolt
  • Wide range of piece parts to make your own kit
  • NCFT4 (4 Cups End-effectors)
  • NCFT6 (6 Cups End-effectors)
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