PGS Grippers

PGS Grippers

Our high performing range of PGS Grippers have the best holding force in their class and the fastest actuation times, beating any other clamp or gripper in the market.


The high performance of the PGS Grippers combined with their hardened steel chassis and specially designed sensors for harsh press environments will increase your uptime and extend tooling life.


  • Fast actuation time
  • Best holding force for its size: up to 450 ft-lbs for PGS 10,11, 20, and up to 900 ft-lbs for PGS42
  • Compact size
  • Extremely durable sensors to detect part presence or double blank
  • Made for harsh press room environments
  • Hardened steel chassis
  • Highly configurable using a single hex wrench – takes just a few seconds to reconfigure the jaw, pad or sensor!
  • Various jaw options available: Shovel or Chisel jaw (with or without teeth); Regular and Flange jaw; Needle Nose also available with the PGS20 for a deeper throat

PGS Gripper Ranges


PGS10 Grippers

Size for size, the PGS10 gripper is the best in class with grip forces up to 450 lbs at 80 psi.

PGS11 Grippers

PGS11 Grippers have similar technical specifications as PGS10 grippers, but include a different cylinder that is compatible with legacy Syron (LTG1010) and non-IMI Norgren grippers.

PGS20 Grippers

High strength gripper with deeper throat and grip forces of up to 450 lbs at 80 psi (200 kg at 551 kPa).


PGS42 Grippers

Heavy duty gripper with grip forces up to 900 lbs at 80 psi (400 kg at 551 kPa).


PGS Hot Metal Grippers

PGS hot metal grippers operate in temperatures of up to 1652°F (900°C), with rear mounted pneumatics and specially tempered gripper pads to ensure longer service life and maximum performance.

Find out more about PGS Sensors, Repair Kits and Accessories


Our PGS sensors are highly durable; specifically designed for the press room.


Our PGS Grippers have a variety of additional accessories offering greater functionality.

Reconfigurable Kits

Almost effortless to reconfigure, the IMI Norgren PGS gripper requires a 4mm hex wrench and the removal of 1-2 bolts to change out jaws, pads, fittings or sensors to easily extend your gripper's lifespan.

Jaw Options

Our PGS grippers feature several different jaw options.

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